The Peerigon principles

»Perigon« is Greek and refers to a shape consisting of a central part with designs arranged harmoniously around it. We are like-minded people, i.e. peers, who have come together under the name Peerigon because we share the same passion: the web and its wide world of possibilities!


Peerigon is about the people

We are a diverse team of professionals enthusiastic about web development. No decision in our team is made alone, instead it is a democratic process. And as such, we all take on responsibility for each other and treat everybody with respect – regardless of sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, age, body size, race, nationality, or religious beliefs. Our projects and customers come in all shapes and sizes and we are dedicated to building up a long term comprehensive, close cooperation with each of them.


Flexibility and transparency

Living up to the slogan »one and one adds up to more than two«, our work is based on the pair-programming principle, and not restricted to a time and place. We achieve this with constant communication amongst the team, disciplined coordination and a thorough adherence to schedules.


Reinventing simplicity

At Peerigon, we have the freedom to put our ideas into practice, which allows us to address projects creatively. Together with our partners, we search for elegant and reliable solutions. These are then implemented speedily, consistently and transparently.


Excellent coding is the key

We love high-quality and clean source code. Not too much, not too little, created with the best practices, documented as well as readable and maintainable by all. Automated tests create room for more flexible, faster and safer development.


Furious! Curious! Cutting Edge!

Our stance: to stay on the ball and keep the lead. Development is most fun when change is faced and embraced. That’s why we question the status quo, throw old-fashioned practices over board and trust only the latest technical standards.


We love Open Source

Small, abstract modules which are a by-product of our work are our contribution to the Open Source community. There the software can be tested, developed further and shared. We are convinced that when many developers come together and pool their know-how small brainwaves can turn into a great sea of inspiration.


We pass on what we know

Nobody ever stops learning in life. Our work is fulfilling because we have the possibility to develop our skills constantly. As web enthusiasts we love to share our knowledge in lectures, talks and made-to-measure workshops.

Our company report

Starting with 2018, we create yearly company reports. It contains our guidelines as well as our actions for the respective year related to sustainability and ethics. Have a look!