We love Open Source

We contribute to the latest technical standards by creating small but useful modules. They are downloaded and used 10,943,167 times every month. Don't be shy – contributions are highly welcome.


updtr simplifies updating Node modules. After updating a dependency to the latest version, updtr checks if the tests still succeed. If this is not the case, the changes will be rolled back.

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A bridge between Node and PhantomJS which communicates directly with PhantomJS processes and provides a clean API.

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A Node.js module providing easy dependency injection for unit testing. Also available as a plugin for Webpack.

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Webpack Loader

Our loaders for the well-known bundler Webpack. Loaders enable the use of common preprocessors like LESS.

These are our most notable loaders for Webpack:

  • markdown-loader
  • modernizr-loader
  • less-loader
  • sass-loader

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The modular microframework – for real-time JavaScript applications. Our Peerigon app uses the universal alamid framework on both server and client.

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An Amazon DynamoDB client for Node.js, developed for the medical technology startup Epha.ch.

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Universal module for descriptive error messages through metadata.

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Small but very useful: This module splits an URL into subdomain, domain and top-level domain.

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Extension for the JavaScript testing framework Mocha which writes the output of xUnit into a file.

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