Anonymized data

Every time you visit our website, information (date, time, page) can be stored on the server. This data is not personal, but anonymized, and only analyzed for statistical purposes. It is not transferred to third parties neither for commercial nor non-commercial purposes at any time. Certain data can also be stored on the user’s computer; so-called »cookies«, which facilitate the access characteristics for users. This function can be deactivated in the browser. Please note that deactivating it may lead to restrictions in the functionality of this website.

About cookies

If you do not agree with your data being stored and analyzed, you can object to the storage and use any time by clicking below. This stores a so-called opt-out cookie in your browser which ensures that Piwik does not collect any session data.

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It seems you have »Do Not Track« enabled in your browser. We respect your decision and will not track you. You can also opt out of our statistics completely by using the opt-out cookie.

Note: Whenever you delete all cookies, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted and you may need to reactivate it.