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With JavaScript, Node.js, CSS3 and HTML5, we create web applications which run on a wide range of platforms.


Production System (YPS)

Visualizing complex welding jobs with ease and providing a method to change them – this has been the initial challenge to create the YPS. It has since then grown way beyond that: it is now a central platform, which controls and visualizes the production process in a fully digital way. The clamping editor enables the creation and optimization of the whole production cycle. An incorporated instruction planner can create work instructions directly alongside the final production program. Those instructions are then shown on displays inside the welding cells, in sync with the current production step. Changes to the production process and the work instructions are now possible remotely online – independent of the actual production location. The whole platform is available as a cloud-based solution, as well as on-premise. Even single welding cells can be served with an Electron app, which can run completely offline. By utilizing web technologies throughout the platform, it enables YASKAWA to use and provide one of the most progressive and flexible production management platforms for their customers.

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All3DP is the leading magazine for all things 3D printing. Their service »Craftcloud« makes it super easy for anyone to get custom models printed for the best value possible. We supported their talented team in integrating PayPal as a payment system, building the intuitive user interface of the service and setting up a load testing pipeline for their back-end services.


Robot dashboard

A production process can become complex or even confusing over time. Our customer, the robot vendor YASKAWA, is aware of the fact and does not treat »IoT« as just a buzzword. The project »Robot Dashboard« sheds light on the process by visualizing single robot cells as well as whole clusters. Using this tool their customers are able to, for example, identify disturbances or delays in their production lines easily and quickly resolve the issues, thus maximizing efficiency.

JavaScriptNode.jsMQTTTypeORMReactJestWebpackFluent UIEmbedded Linux

The talented team of BR_NEXT revived the media center of the public-service broadcasting corporation Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)—and we were a part of it. It's not all about the shiny, new UI, though: there are significant innovations under the hood as well, including seamless streaming and personal recommendations for exploring new topics. With a ton of passion and ambition, the team created a well-designed product. We are proud to have joined their journey.


Together with SevenCooks, we make healthy living easier. Relying on a cutting edge technology stack, we're currently working on their web app platform for vegetarian/vegan diets. We're also supporting SevenCooks with the API design and the setup of the inhouse development team.


The youth magazine jetzt.de has not only got a new look—the technology stack is brand new as well. With MongoDB and Node.js in a scalable cloud environment, even the technology behind jetzt.de is now young and fresh!

Progressive Web AppJavaScriptNode.jsApostrophe CMSExpress

Orderfox.com is the leading marketplace for the CNC-industry, bringing together buyers and suppliers all around the globe. We support them by extending the platform with powerful features for aggregation and visualisation of large sets of data and rich user interaction.


Digitization for process development

Controlling an entire product development cycle is a complex task. Starting with the concept, through the test phase, serial production and continuous quality control, a lot of coordination and documentation is required. For a leading company in the field of communication technology we developed a web-based document management system with version control. Compared to the previously used process, significant improvements such as reliability and time savings could be achieved. Therefore, the new application represents an important step towards digitization.

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Starter kit for universal JavaScript applications

Kununu aims to provide job-seekers full market transparency through employer ratings. We supported the subsidiary of Xing in architectural conception and technological decision-making to build the next generation of kununu.com as a Universal Web App.

Starter kitUniversal JavaScriptNode.jsReactWebpack

Infotainment system

The startup Sono Motors from Munich is creating the Sion, an affordable Electric Vehicle with solar panels. We developed the web-based user interface for the infotainment system, which can be used on the 12" dashboard display as well as on Android/iOS smartphones. The system integrates with other on-board services, thus enabling features like lock/unlock in addition to standard functionality such as navigation and music.

Rapid prototyping for interactive prototypesUI designIoTJavaScriptNode.jsReact

Glomex Global Media Exchange platform

Glomex—a ProSiebenSat.1 digital company—enables customers to scale in the emerging market of streaming services. Since 2016, we are development partner for the video value service, providing first-class video experience to worldwide customers.

Test-driven developmentJavaScriptNode.jsExpressReact


We are consulting partner for technical conception, architecture and development of eventn, a cloud-based microservice platform for data processing and analytical workloads.


Data Fovea

»Learning with Open Data«: This is the goal of Data Fovea, a web-based data visualization tool for schools. Simply choosing a dataset and time range will bring the data to life. We're supporting Peer Egtved and his vision since 2016.

UI designJavaScriptNode.jsReactReduxChart.jsWebpackESLint


The digital assistance and information platform cioplenu provides integrated workflow and process documentation for more efficient industry processes. We are proud to support the innovative Industry 4.0 startup during the technical development of their platform.

Test-driven developmentTypeScriptNode.jsAngularWebpackESLint

Panama Papers

Over more than one year, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung analyzed 2.6 terabytes of data together with journalists all around the world about letterbox companies. With its incredible size, the Panama Papers are the biggest data leak in the history of journalism. We supported the SZ producing and publishing articles in German and English which were visited over 7 million times.


We supported the Boxcryptor team with building Whisply; the main areas being choice of technology, architecture and development. Thanks to our customized starter kit, the team was ready to go after a practical kick-off phase. We are happy to continue our support for Whisply in the future.

Starter kitJavaScriptNode.jsReactReduxLessWebpackESLint

Single sign-on

Just one account for all digital products of Süddeutsche Zeitung: We assisted their team with user migration, single sign-on and the launch of the SZ paywall.


Mythos Matterhorn & Die Marshallinseln

Two scrollytelling stories we're especially proud of: Mythos Matterhorn, an interactive story about Europe's most fascinating mountain, and Die Marshallinseln, the past and future of the atolls.


JavaScript is the lingua franca of modern software development: Almost every device has a browser and a suitable JavaScript interpreter. And with the growing influence of Node.js, the language is more commonly found on servers, too. That's why the world needs professional JavaScript developers. That's why we are sharing our knowledge with you in the lectures »JavaScript« and »Node.js« at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.


We're hosting the NodeSchool Munich & Augsburg for all those who are interested in programming with JavaScript in general and Node.js in particular. We feel there is a need for projects like this, because ever bigger apps are developed on a JavaScript-only basis, and there are few people out there who truly master it.


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