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With JavaScript, Node.js, CSS3 and HTML5, we create web applications which run on a wide range of platforms.


SevenCooks (SmartFood GmbH & Co. KG)

Together with SevenCooks, we make healthy living easier. Relying on a cutting edge technology stack, we're currently working on their web app platform for vegetarian/vegan diets. We're also supporting SevenCooks with the API design and the setup of the inhouse development team.

Take a look and find some delicious recipes

ExpressReactReduxSassWebpackECMAScript 2016Node.jsCSS Modules

Panama Papers (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Over more than one year, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung analyzed 2.6 terabytes of data together with journalists all around the world about letterbox companies. With its incredible size, the Panama Papers are the biggest data leak in the history of journalism. We supported the SZ producing and publishing articles in German and English which were visited over 7 million times.


jetzt.de (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

The youth magazine »jetzt.de« has not only got a new look – the technology stack is brand new as well. With MongoDB and Node.js in a scalable cloud environment, even the technology behind jetzt.de is now young and fresh!

Node.jsECMAScript 2015MongoDB

Whisply: encrypted file transfer in the browser (Secomba GmbH / Boxcryptor)

We supported the Boxcryptor team with building Whisply; the main areas being choice of technology, architecture and development. Thanks to our customized starter kit, the team was ready to go after a practical kick-off phase. We are happy to continue our support for Whisply in the future.

ECMAScript 2015ReactWebpackLess

SSO/SZ Interaktiv (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Just one account for all digital products of Süddeutsche Zeitung: We assist the SZ.Interaktiv team with user migration, Single Sign On implementation and the launch of the SZ Paywall.


Mythos Matterhorn & Die Marshallinseln (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Apart from the SZ.Interaktiv team, we also support the SZ creative department. We're especially proud of two scrollytelling apps: »Mythos Matterhorn«, an interactive story about Europe's most fascinating mountain, and »Die Marshallinseln«, the past and future of the atolls.

Mythos Matterhorn | Die Marshallinseln


Information graphics CMS (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Together with Süddeutsche Zeitung, Peerigon built an editorial CMS for infographics. It enables their editors to create and publish interactive infographics within seconds.


Dynamise (Epha.ch)

The Swiss medical startup Epha.ch provides smart tools for physicians and patients. We developed Dynamise for Epha – a Node.js wrapper for Amazon DynamoDB which is available as Open Source. Furthermore, we extended robot, a service to fetch, transform and store pharmaceutical data from public resources.

Amazon DynamoDBAWSECMAScript 2015


The search engine WhatAdsWork.com conveniently lists the most successful ads: banners, mobile, Facebook, in-app and pay per call. Whenever competitors post a new ad, the users are notified via email and can then analyze the most successful landing pages.


Peerigon app

Peerigon helps people to organize get-togethers and finding answers to the usual questions: who, what, when, where? The web and mobile app offers various tools for precise coordination and communication.

Universal JavaScriptCordovaNode.jsAlamidMongoDBRedisRivets.jsLessWebpack


Roomieplanet is an online tool which helps roommates to get organized: Who's doing the dishes? Who's going food shopping? Who spends how much on what? The online platform lets you distribute chores and annoying admin tasks evenly, ensuring that all roommates get to do their share.


JavaScript & Node.js lecture (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg)

JavaScript is the lingua franca of modern software development: Almost every device has a browser and a suitable JavaScript interpreter. And with the growing influence of Node.js, the language is more commonly found on servers, too. That's why the world needs professional JavaScript developers, and the reason why we are sharing our knowledge with you in the lectures »JavaScript« and »Node.js« at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.

JavaScript | Node.js



We're hosting the Nodeschool Munich & Augsburg for all those who are interested in programming with JavaScript in general and Node.js in particular. We feel there is a need for projects like this, because ever bigger apps are developed on a JavaScript-only basis, and there are few people out there who truly master it.

Nodeschool Munich | Nodeschool Augsburg


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