Peerigon is about the people.

A team of experienced developers, we have been collaborating since 2010 and are setting great store by team spirit, creativity and fun at work.

We are Peerigon!

Each of us is unique, but we share the same passion for awesome web apps and great coffee.

    +49 821 907 80 86 1

    data manager, AI enthusiast and idealist

    Stephan Batteiger

    +49 821 907 80 86 4

    Overflowing pool of ideas, module registry, code artist

    Michael Jaser

    +49 821 907 80 86 3

    Test driver, constructive critic and code juggler

    Paul Torka

    +49 821 907 80 86 2

    Usability wizard, Open Source aficionado and keen on details

    Johannes Ewald

    +49 821 907 80 86 5

    Data security engineer, organizer, console whisperer

    Matthias Jahn

    Tenacious problem solver, hardware tinkerer and caffeine aficionado

    Sebastian Huber

    Frontend ninja, design enthusiast and expert Google searcher

    Jannik Keye

    Algorithmist, schema designer, and tea devotee

    Antony Sande

    Note scribbler, Foodsaver and women in tech rebel

    Irena Reitz

    +49 821 907 80 86 13

    Pythonista in exile, query optimizer and hobby runner

    Leonhard Melzer

    Static Site Generator, Typography Nerd and stubborn Northerner

    Henning Pohlmeyer

    Web Dev Convert, Playstation Fanboy, Augsburg-American Expat

    Tanner Hoisington

    +49 821 907808616

    Software architecture enthusiast, persistent bug hunter and hobbyist runner

    Simon Abbt

    Convinced optimist, todo-list-optimizer and coffee-lover

    Celestine Auburger

  • Organisational talent, marketing and design representative, good fairy with green thumb

    Lisa Giese

    Jill-of-all-trades, context creative, lover of heavy weather

    Judith Urban

    Clean code fan, podcast junkie and self-taught

    Max Karacsony

    Console logger, item dismantler, DIY hobbyist

    Jessica Schneck

    Creative Coder, Maker and Generative Artist

    Benedikt Köhler

    CSS-Hacker, Understander of users, Sample-Digger

    Moritz Jacobs