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We are developers, but we don’t just live in our own little world. We hold talks and lectures, organize workshops and offer custom-tailored training.

Our workshops

JavaScript workshop

Today the web is much more than just a collection of .html pages: With YouTube, Facebook or Google Maps, it has long turned into a universal multimedia platform. However, even though ever bigger apps are developed using JavaScript, there are only a few out there who really master it. As a programming language similar to C, JavaScript has some surprises in store for novices, such as prototypical inheritance or first-class functions.

Our training is for software developers who already have some programming experience with other languages and would now like to learn JavaScript properly from scratch. With short, practical exercises we'll teach you the best practice regarding callbacks, promises, flow control and asynchronous programming. At the end of day two you will be ready to get started and develop complex, state-of-the-art JavaScript applications.

Lectures and talks


For two years, we have been holding regular lectures at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. These are the subjects we have covered so far:


We are supporter of and speaker at Web & Wine where developers can come together once a month to discuss the latest discoveries. The Gründercafe on the other hand is an event organized at Augsburg University which gives us the opportunity to share our start-up experiences with students and future business owners.

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