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Modern JavaScript workshop

Developers who haven't written in JavaScript for a few years will hardly recognize the language today. Since 2015, numerous new features have been added: Promises, Async/Await and Arrow Functions, to name just a few. And since a new version is released every year, the language is constantly changing. New features and new tools are evolving the way we develop in JavaScript, and consequently, best practices and standards.

Take your team to the next level. Create the foundation for professional and successful software development on the web. In short theory segments and plenty of exercises, our experts will leave your team in tip top shape for modern JavaScript. We are there to answer any questions you may have and will not bore you with dull lectures: we promise!

What we cover

In addition to these modules, we also assist with individual questions and stubborn code. At the end of the workshop your team is no longer afraid of:

  • let and const
  • Shorthand properties
  • Destructuring
  • Rest/Spread
  • Default parameters
  • Arrow functions
  • Classes
  • Promises
  • Modules
  • Maps and Sets
  • Async/Await

This is how we do our workshops

It is important for us to cater the workshops to the requirements and skills of the participants. We focus on small groups and individually tailored content. In a personal preliminary discussion, we clarify questions and build an agenda together fine-tuned to your needs. In order to guarantee ideal support, we have designed our workshops for a maximum of five people. Larger groups can be supported by additional instructors.

  • Experienced instructors
  • Modular design
  • Plenty of practical exercises & examples
  • Best practices
  • An individualized agenda
  • e.g. 2 blocks of 3 hours each

We are also offering all our workshops remotely. Thanks to modern collaboration tools like Zoom, GitHub, and Slack, it feels just like we're there in the room. We can also work with your preferred collaboration setup.

About the Author

Peerigon is a well-trained team of passionate web developers from Augsburg. In addition to programming tailor-made web applications for our customers we regularly give lectures at the HS Augsburg. We are also a co-organizer of several Meetups, including Web&Wine and the Nodeschool Meetups in Munich and Augsburg, and one of us is a member of the Webpack Core team.

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